The EGG Brussels has received the great honour of being chosen by the leading social network for its “Boost your Business” corporate event. The choice of this location was no coincidence. And here’s why…

On 23 June, the British agency Concerto Live organised the Facebook event “Boost your Business” in The EGG Brussels. The Facebook team was in Brussels for a day providing in-depth information that brought together 300 companies with the aim of creating activities on the web.

More than 50 million companies throughout the world are present on Facebook. They are able to reach 1.65 billion people who visit the platform every month to maintain contact with people and local companies that are important for them.

Thanks to these activities companies are able to discover how other companies use digital solutions such as Facebook in order to contact new customers, to generate greater visibility for their brand as well as increase turnover and growth for their company.

The EGG Brussels was chosen as the location because it offers a lot of great advantages. First and foremost The EGG Brussels is the perfect reflection of the modern and dynamic image of Facebook. The location is easily accessible by public transport so that visitors had no problems at all getting to the meeting. The large number of smaller rooms gave the organisers the opportunity to create different work groups and thus provide an explanation about the fine details of the campaign and to play more specifically to the individual target audiences.


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