In collaboration with its renowned technical partner PRG (Production Resource Group), The EGG Brussels congress and meeting centre, located a stone’s throw away from the Central Station, has made a giant leap forward in the world of interactivity. In order to give international conferences an extra dimension, the EGG Brussels has installed several screens to provide events with a more dynamic content in the form of Digital Signage!


What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a modern communication system. The information the client wishes to convey is featured across a number of screens located in different areas of The EGG Brussels congress centre, offering several innovative and interactive formulas. The concept is to share a public message in a targeted, intelligent and dynamic manner. This message can be adapted at any time from one screen to the next, in any area or at any time during the journey. The computer provided by PRG is a polyvalent system that manages the content of each screen through a Wi-Fi connection. It is a simple, fast and extremely efficient tool!

The screens vary in size between 42 and 102 inches. Videos, photos and the name of the speaker, the conference programme, various messages… thanks to Digital Signage, all types of information can be shared. There are an infinite number of customisation options for your events.

The benefits of Digital Signage:

  • Increased sharing of information
  • Fast, simple and modern digital communication
  • Display your message on 1 or up to 20 screens across 5,000 m²
  • Share information from a central location
  • Different content possible: video, photo, audio, text
  • Changes transmitted in real time and 24/7
  • Possibility to plan communications beforehand


Gilles Poot Baudier, Managing Director of The EGG Brussels is happy to be able to announce this innovation: “The EGG Brussels is a congress centre at the heart of Europe. We have a very diverse client base, which is reflected in the type of events we organise. This diversity requires a personalised approach for each event. We invested in a Digital Signage system so we can offer our clients a modern, fast and efficient form of communication technology. Thanks to our partnership with PRG, we can ensure the best technical support for each event organised by The EGG Brussels. The Digital Signage system is a new step forward and a product of our excellent collaboration!”

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Robin Huygebaert

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