This summer, The EGG Brussels hosted the 8th edition of the Brussels Games Festival, a flagship event for board game enthusiasts.

For the occasion, the emblematic The EGG Brussels venue was transformed into a table-top gamers’ wonderland, giving visitors access to 75 showcasing publishers and distributors, some forty associations, clubs and games libraries, 7 specialised stores, 17 tournaments, a secondhand board games exchange, a dedicated area to try out prototype of games that they will be playing in the future, workshops and debates, an all-nighter and much more…

The Brussels Games Festival is a fun-packed event with an educational and engaged-citizen spin to it, highlighting its vocation to use games to promote social and human values and encourage social interaction.

Visitors of all ages were able to come and discover and play with a wide variety of games, from their all-time favourites to the very latest games on the market. Exhibitors offered visitors an impressive array of board games, card games and quests to choose from, plunging players headfirst into fantasy worlds to test their capacity to weave strategies and challenge their powers of imagination and reasoning.

And that’s not all. The Brussels Games Festival has equally hosted some truly tantalizing tournaments, experts demonstrating games, stores, the infamous all-nighter and free access to a multitude of board games for its visitors. Through meeting board game creators, talented illustrators, and enthusiastic publishers, visitors were able to gain a deeper understanding of a table-top gaming world that is in constant motion.

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