A slow start in 2015 was not an option for Sylvester Productions. We started the year with the informative promenade of ESF at the end of January in The EGG Brussels. The European Social Funds presented their new periodic program in the presence of the Minister of Employment Philippe Muyters and the European Commissioner of Employment Marianne Thyssen, which gathered 1 million euros to invest in the Flemish employment over the next six years.

During the event there was a special attention for the three new ESF Ambassadors, as well as for the good practices of organizations that work with the means of ESF. The organizations didn’t get a normal ‘boring’ stand to present their project; instead they got a unique shop in a ‘shopping street’ especially installed for them.

Through decorative banners representing facades of stores and various facilities, such as lanterns, we created the effect of a shopping street, where guests could meet in a friendly manner with the exhibitors. Sylvester was also in charge of the press relations concerning the new ESF program.

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