In March, during the Superior Taste Award 2018 hosted by the International Taste and Quality Instituteat The EGG Brussels, a three-day tasting session was held, during which the best European Sommeliers awarded certificates for the taste of drinks from 130 countries. The Superior Taste Award label is a powerful marketing tool that is used to promote successful products and companies both at home and abroad. The presence of the label distinguishes it immediately from the vast array of products available in the marketplace and reassures consumers in their purchasing decision.

ITQI returned in April for a new tasting but this time for food products. Yet again, a large international jury was tasked with evaluating all the different products.

In early May the participants were sent direct notification of the results. The Superior Taste Awards, honouring the winners for their outstanding achievement, will take place on 11 July. Awards are presented to the winners during the official ceremony in the presence of the press, participants and officials. We are waiting with bated breath to discover the names of the winners!

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