It’s incredibly important for The EGG Brussels to be able to share their extensive expertise and knowhow with their customers, as specialists in ‘Venue Management’. “After the Paris attacks and the psychosis which has continued to grip Brussels, we need to, now more than ever before, reassure our customers of the reassuring frameworks surrounding their event. This is exactly why we have strengthened our security even more”, according to both organisations.

The EGG Brussels has strengthened their security policies even more since the end of 2015. In addition to the long-established safety procedures, we have introduced a number of important extra measures in order to guarantee the safety in and around their venues.

  1. “We work very closely together with the police, by consistently providing them with a detailed plan of our events. Depending on the specific threat level analysis, the police may decide to introduce surveillance patrols, which pass by our locations every five minutes to keep a very close eye on things. Any real threat and armed policemen will take up a firm position at the door of any particularly ‘sensitive’ events.”
  2. “We have a metal detector at our disposal and can, providing the customer grants his consent, decide to check visitors’ bags and/or perform searches.”
  3. “We keep the baggage allowance very limited and strengthen control in the cloakroom.
  4. “We always ask visitors to bring along their invitations. This will allow us to identify every single person who enters the building.”
  5. “We have installed surveillance cameras at every entrance of the venue.”
  6. “We also position guards at the emergency exits, making sure access to the building is very strictly monitored.”

In combination with the long-established package of safety measures and rules, these additional measures should allow visitors to peacefully and safely enjoy their events.

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