The problems around mobility in Brussels are all over the media these days. The traffic has been disturbed due to the closing of several tunnels, numerous traffic jams, introduction of the pedestrian area, etc. If you chose for The EGG Brussels, you will not have to worry about this.

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The EGG Brussels is one of the best accessible event locations with public transport in Brussels. The prestigious location is situated in the heart of our capital, within a stone’s throw from the Brussels South train station (700 meters).

Furthermore, there is a bus stop right next to the conference center.

From experience, the organization knows that no less than 75% of the visitors and/or guests come by public transport. If, however you prefer to come by car, it is also possible without a (parking)problem: The EGG Brussels has 2.000 parking spot within a reach of only 700 meters.

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Gilles Poot Baudier

Robin Huygebaert

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+32 (0) 2 726 55 26.