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The EGG Brussels Congress and Meeting Centre goes green by achieving the “Entreprise écodynamique” (“Ecodynamic business”) label.

The field of event management is still too often criticised for its heavy ecological footprint, whatever the events may be, they are significant sources of waste, in particular food waste. Today The EGG Brussels is going to the opposite extreme of this trend, notably by putting in place actions that respond to the environmental challenges of our time. It is their way of reflecting their own ideals and current social issues:  Our wish is not to offer one hundred per cent recyclable or ecological, but to encourage our visitors and collaborators to go down this route and to suggest this new way of consuming to our customers. We must be realistic, we cannot change every production and consumption process at once, but durable development has always been in the minds of our founders. At The EGG Brussels, we believe in development that works in harmony with the environment, achieving the “Entreprise écodynamique” label has been a real challenge for the whole team, explains Gilles Poot Baudier, General Manager at The EGG Brussels.

The “Entreprise écodynamique” label was created in 1999 and is today an official recognition in the Brussels-Capital region for organisations in Brussels who set up an in-house environmental management. It rewards their environmental dynamism and advancement, particularly in terms of waste management and prevention, rational use of energy and worker mobility management, etc.

In practical terms, at The EGG Brussels, durability has become a determining factor in general management decisions and the holding of their events. Whether it be by promoting public transport, sorting waste, donating surplus food, ecological lighting or even using reusable tableware, The EGG Brussels wants to contribute towards a better city of Brussels and offer a strong alternative to the culture of waste which is damaging the events industry: Within the framework of our environmental policy, we are committed to reducing waste and limiting our impact upon the air, water and earth thanks to an effective management system. We train our personnel and inform our customers in order to ensure that they all contribute towards protecting the environment, explains Mr Poot Baudier.

The EGG Brussels, already renowned for its obvious assets related to event management, thus embarks upon a decidedly fashionable green drive. A responsible ecological footprint which will undoubtedly delight all those who visit the place. The EGG Brussels, a new building block towards a more responsible economy. After all, isn’t the ocean made from drops of water?

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