The founding members of Fintech Belgium are people who are actively engaged in Belgium’s Digital Finance ecosystem. It provides a platform where its members can come together to address issues affecting the industry, and it also represents them outside the community.

Its missions:

  • Actively promote the FinTech sector in Belgium and abroad.
  • Represent the sector in its dealings with public authorities, the media, investors, the financial sector, research centres and the academic world, etc.
  • Share its experience, expertise and data not only with the community, but also on a wider scale, in an aim to make FinTech more appealing and accessible to those who share an interest in this field.
  • Forge relationships with other associations in the digital sector in Belgium and beyond.
  • Organise conferences/debates, gatherings, brainstorming sessions and panels to discuss issues related to the development of FinTech in Belgium.

FinTech is proud to have succeeded in putting together a high calibre agenda for an audience of 600-700 visitors at The Egg Brussels congress centre.

Contact by mail

Gilles Poot Baudier

Robin Huygebaert

Contact by phone

+32 (0) 2 726 55 26.