Over a period of two full days, The EGG Brussels was where you could find some major players on the European scene. Jean-Claude Junker, Didier Reynders and Lilyana Pavlova were just some of the personalities who showed up to the event.

This fifth edition of the event included two plenary sessions and no fewer than 48 break-out sessions. It was an excellent opportunity for The EGG to demonstrate its modularity and multi-functionality. Nevertheless, efficient collaboration between all the parties was necessary in order to ensure smooth management of the event.

The theme this year was ‘Europe – Back on track’. A topic that led to some heated discussions. Participants were able to catch their breath during the breaks and the constantly outstanding meals and snacks.

Thanks to Belgium MFA, that had a stand at the event, and their Virtual Reality glasses, the participants were able to visit Brussels and without having to abandon the comfort of their seats. Talk of multi-tasking!

The creativity and the ingenuity of The EGG, both of which are so essential for intriguing events like this, complemented each other perfectly so that the participants were able to enjoy an event that was flawless in every sense of the word!

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