Chef chez Soi

Our kitchen is close to the product and reflects the seasons throughout the year while offering you a timeless menu and seasonal proposals. In search of the alchemy of well-being, our dietitian guides our chefs towards the art of eating well in order to live better by combining the pleasure of taste and nutritional balance.

Being an ecoresponsible player involved in sustainable development, we obtained, in October 2013, then in October 2016, the label “Ecodynamic company” (donated 2 stars). In September 2017, we made more progress by becoming “CO2 neutral”. Simply aware of the impact of our society on the environment, we aspire to find common sense.
Chef Chez Soi invites you,
To express your gluttony, with elegance and audacity.



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Gilles Poot Baudier

Robin Huygebaert

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+32 (0) 2 726 55 26.