Our Cuisine

The mission of our Chef is to bring food & art together. And then of course… People. His passion & commitment go beyond the plate. Traditional food, with a twist, never tampering with taste is the cornerstone of our trademark.

Create an Experience

The events you build have one goal: to allow your guest to be entertained, to network and to bond. What better way to achieve that with food! Sharing a meal is probably the oldest and surest way to bring people together wherever you come from. We will ensure that your guests go beyond sharing a meal.

B-Food is committed to taking the sustainable path in an often environmentally-unfriendly industry. We consistently seek to implement new methods of reducing waste, attend workshops highlighting eco friendly practices, and form partnerships with like-minded businesses to decrease our carbon footprint.



Rue Barastraat // 1070 Bruxelles

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Gilles Poot Baudier

Robin Huygebaert

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