Launch in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a division of Amazon, specializing in on-demand cloud computing services for businesses and individuals.

More than 1000 attendees joined the AWS Brussels Summitat The EGG Brussels. This conference brought the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS (Amazon Web Service) and the cloud.

As consumer identifiers become obsolete and data privacy laws expand their reach, the decades-old technology used in marketing and advertising has been shaken to the core. Companies have reinvented the way in which they collect, share, enrich and act upon customer data while complying with privacy regulations.

In a bid to accelerate the transformation of marketing and advertising practices in an era that is no longer centered on consumer identity, AWS has reinvented the solutions available to customers in this sector. With its unrivaled computing, machine-learning and analysis capabilities, AWS provides first-party data platforms, data collaboration, advertising portals, marketing intelligence and customer experience solutions, as well as compatibility with the most widely used cloud computing partners in the business. Customers can use AWS to easily identify suitable cloud technology and partnership opportunities to enable them to innovate with greater speed, optimize their cost-performance ratios, improve compatibility and increase revenue while processing many petabytes of marketing and advertising data in a matter of milliseconds.

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