22Feb 2018

Express your creativity when organising your events at The EGG Brussels. Each project is carried out with a personalised approach that will undoubtedly transform your projects into an original and successful experience!

Since its return in January 2014, The EGG Brussels has proved its worth and has established itself as a pillar conference centre in Brussels. The bricks form the industrial side of the event centre and create a beautiful contrast with the modern look. This contrast will make your events stand out like nowhere else. The EGG Brussels is a customisable space. Don’t be afraid to give free rein to your imagination with decorations that catch the eye! Your event will be taken care of according to your desires and ideas and the participants will all be able to enjoy it for one night.

22Feb 2018

Why is it safe for cyclists not to stop at every red traffic light? How safe is our road infrastructure? Can cities remain attractive for pedestrians in a world where fully automated vehicles have transformed the urban transport system? All of these questions and many more were answered and discussed at The Polis Conference at The EGG Brussels!

The conference provided an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience and for the wider transport community to engage with representatives of city and regional authorities on innovative transport solutions.

The spacious Auditorium was the central place for all of the presentations during this three-day event. Our cosy and nicely lit Aquarium room was also perfect for the joint workshops. As for the much-needed refreshments in-between the heated and interesting discussions and presentations… the nicely decorated Riverside with its well-known cosiness provided everything that was necessary with the help of our catering partner B-Food!


Pics by Vivian Hertz

22Feb 2018

What is the impact of technology on finance and banking? The big FinTech Summit took place in the heart of Brussels on 14th December 2017 and for one day, The EGG Brussels was the home of some 40 expert speakers and 840 minutes of premium content, divided over two of our stages, where the latest trends in FinTech were discussed. Four awards were even given out!

The attendees enjoyed the comfort of the seats at our venue to learn about five main topics, ranging from PSD2 directives and blockchain technology not to mention cyber security and change management. It was a unique opportunity to meet and network with all kinds of FinTech enthusiasts. During the event, the attending guests were able to enjoy delicious snacks from our catering partner Great Traiteur. The day was a success and finished off with a nice networking VIP walking dinner.

22Feb 2018

The 2018 MedTech Forum took place at The EGG Brussels this year and needless to say… it was a roaring success! The highly interesting subject of the conference mixed with the innovation of the venue made for an energetic and modern combination.


The MedTech Forum is one of the largest health and medical technology industry conferences in Europe and a key event since 2007. No less than 729 delegates, 100 speakers including entrepreneurs, global business leaders, policy-makers, patient representatives,… from all over the world travelled to Belgium to attend the conference, share insights and to discuss the future opportunities in the medical technology sector. With its 5000m², The EGG Brussels offered the space that the event needed. 41 plenary, parallel and workshop sessions were organised over three days!

22Aug 2017

In collaboration with its renowned technical partner PRG (Production Resource Group), The EGG Brussels congress and meeting centre, located a stone’s throw away from the Central Station, has made a giant leap forward in the world of interactivity. In order to give international conferences an extra dimension, the EGG Brussels has installed several screens to provide events with a more dynamic content in the form of Digital Signage!


What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a modern communication system. The information the client wishes to convey is featured across a number of screens located in different areas of The EGG Brussels congress centre, offering several innovative and interactive formulas. The concept is to share a public message in a targeted, intelligent and dynamic manner. This message can be adapted at any time from one screen to the next, in any area or at any time during the journey. The computer provided by PRG is a polyvalent system that manages the content of each screen through a Wi-Fi connection. It is a simple, fast and extremely efficient tool!

The screens vary in size between 42 and 102 inches. Videos, photos and the name of the speaker, the conference programme, various messages… thanks to Digital Signage, all types of information can be shared. There are an infinite number of customisation options for your events.

The benefits of Digital Signage:

  • Increased sharing of information
  • Fast, simple and modern digital communication
  • Display your message on 1 or up to 20 screens across 5,000 m²
  • Share information from a central location
  • Different content possible: video, photo, audio, text
  • Changes transmitted in real time and 24/7
  • Possibility to plan communications beforehand


Gilles Poot Baudier, Managing Director of The EGG Brussels is happy to be able to announce this innovation: “The EGG Brussels is a congress centre at the heart of Europe. We have a very diverse client base, which is reflected in the type of events we organise. This diversity requires a personalised approach for each event. We invested in a Digital Signage system so we can offer our clients a modern, fast and efficient form of communication technology. Thanks to our partnership with PRG, we can ensure the best technical support for each event organised by The EGG Brussels. The Digital Signage system is a new step forward and a product of our excellent collaboration!”

21Aug 2017

Do you remember when The EGG Brussels was awarded the label of ‘Ecodynamic Enterprise’ on the 4th of January for its environmental efforts?

The Conference and Meeting Centre is now taking the next step by installing 1008 photovoltaic panels. This project was supported by Pepibru, the leaseholder of the buildings.

Taking into account the type of panels installed and their location, orientation and incline, the EU-produced ‘PVGIS’ simulator estimates the average annual amount of electricity produced on the production site at 248,500 kWh.

The panels were installed during the summer holidays so the production of green energy could be commenced from September 2017!

Panneaux sollaire

12May 2017
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The EGG Brussels Congress and Meeting Centre goes green by achieving the “Entreprise écodynamique” (“Ecodynamic business”) label.

The field of event management is still too often criticised for its heavy ecological footprint, whatever the events may be, they are significant sources of waste, in particular food waste. Today The EGG Brussels is going to the opposite extreme of this trend, notably by putting in place actions that respond to the environmental challenges of our time. It is their way of reflecting their own ideals and current social issues:  Our wish is not to offer one hundred per cent recyclable or ecological, but to encourage our visitors and collaborators to go down this route and to suggest this new way of consuming to our customers. We must be realistic, we cannot change every production and consumption process at once, but durable development has always been in the minds of our founders. At The EGG Brussels, we believe in development that works in harmony with the environment, achieving the “Entreprise écodynamique” label has been a real challenge for the whole team, explains Gilles Poot Baudier, General Manager at The EGG Brussels.

The “Entreprise écodynamique” label was created in 1999 and is today an official recognition in the Brussels-Capital region for organisations in Brussels who set up an in-house environmental management. It rewards their environmental dynamism and advancement, particularly in terms of waste management and prevention, rational use of energy and worker mobility management, etc.

In practical terms, at The EGG Brussels, durability has become a determining factor in general management decisions and the holding of their events. Whether it be by promoting public transport, sorting waste, donating surplus food, ecological lighting or even using reusable tableware, The EGG Brussels wants to contribute towards a better city of Brussels and offer a strong alternative to the culture of waste which is damaging the events industry: Within the framework of our environmental policy, we are committed to reducing waste and limiting our impact upon the air, water and earth thanks to an effective management system. We train our personnel and inform our customers in order to ensure that they all contribute towards protecting the environment, explains Mr Poot Baudier.

The EGG Brussels, already renowned for its obvious assets related to event management, thus embarks upon a decidedly fashionable green drive. A responsible ecological footprint which will undoubtedly delight all those who visit the place. The EGG Brussels, a new building block towards a more responsible economy. After all, isn’t the ocean made from drops of water?

21Apr 2017

On Monday 6 March, Brussels welcomed the first Gastronotrends. This day, planned by the Michelin Guide and S.Pellegrino, aimed to gather a high number of Michelin-starred chefs from all over Europe to discuss the future of gastronomy. Four themes were proposed: digitisation, sustainable development, customer experience and the clash of cultures.

“The idea was to go beyond the guide and the typical BookATable services”, explained Nicolas Beaumont, CEO at Michelin Travel Partner, who can pride himself on having assembled no less than 190 chefs for a day of various workshops at The EGG Brussels. “This project was conceived two years ago and, tonight, we can make an initial positive assessment”, added Stefano Agostini, President and CEO of S.Pellegrino. “The atmosphere was studious, the chefs showed a lot of interest and passion… That’s what we wanted.”

The EGG Brussels was booked for its Auditorium, which can accommodate from 350 to 900 people and has multi-purpose spaces and numerous subcommittee rooms ideal for workshops.

21Apr 2017

The congress center The EGG Brussels, situated at a stone throw from Brussels South Station started the year with a historical event! In only 2 short months we welcomed several political figures during national and international events. Our most prestigious guests were Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and our very own, King Philippe of Belgium.

The year started with a first-ever at The EGG Brussels, 2 universities joining together to confer an honorary doctorate. On Thursday January 12th 2017 Rector Rik Torfs (KU Leuven) and Rector Anne De Paepe (UGent) conferred a joint honorary doctorate to German Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel. She received the honorary doctorate for her diplomatic and political efforts to develop the political strength of Europe, and for defending the values that allow our continent to find unity in diversity.

For this occasion, we had the honor of welcoming Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, but also Prime Minister Charles Michel and Minister-President Geert Bourgeois.

On March 9th 2017, we welcomed the second head of country, our country! King Philippe visited The EGG Brussels during the Tech Startup Days 2017. An event that gathers tech entrepreneurs & corporate innovators, providing hands-on examples and testimonials allowing startups to take their entrepreneurial project to the next level.

Welcoming high level guests is a great honor, but requires a lot of teamwork. The EGG Brussels works closely with local authorities, the city of Brussels & Anderlecht, Visit Brussels and many more. We would like to thank them again for all their efforts and help in realizing a smooth visit of these high-level guests.

20Sep 2016

Technology has strongly evolved these last ten years. Nowadays, people are continuously connected, whether it be through their smartphone, their tablet or their computer. The EGG Brussels has understood that very well: staying connected is primordial for their clients. That’s why they invest time and resources to deliver an outstanding and innovative service.

The Egg is your professionnal conference organizer in Brussels to make your corporate event a real success at really attractive prices.


If you choose to organize your event at The EGG Brussels, you will immediately have access to upload and download speeds of 100Mb, optical fiber networks and the possibility to set up a personalized network with password. The EGG Brussels also offers separate VLAN’s, a back-up line of 500Mb and access points in the whole building.

The advanced and efficient online service makes live streaming perfectly possible and enables you to create a unique and engrossing experience for your target audience. The perfect solution for all your product launches, your exhibitions or other high-tech product launch.

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