29May 2018

The Hans Böckler Foundation and the European Trade Union Institute hosted a 2-day forum on how workers’ voices can be brought decisively to the attention of policymakers. Together with the German organisers, we pulled out all the stops to ensure the attendees received the best possible service.

The break-out rooms of the Riverside were popular for small discussions and interactive workshops, while the Riverside area was the ideal spot for refreshments and snacks.

The outstanding food and drinks were provided by Huitrière & Eole and were of outstanding quality, or as they say in Germany: herrlich!

29May 2018

Did you know…? Last month we welcomed the Amazon Web Services Summit to our premises! The keynote speaker at this event was Theresa Carlson, who heads AWS Worldwide Public Sector division.

The AWS Public Sector Summit, held around the world, is designed to educate new and prospective customers about AWS solutions and offers existing customers in-depth technical content to help them become more successful with AWS.

29May 2018

In March, during the Superior Taste Award 2018 hosted by the International Taste and Quality Instituteat The EGG Brussels, a three-day tasting session was held, during which the best European Sommeliers awarded certificates for the taste of drinks from 130 countries. The Superior Taste Award label is a powerful marketing tool that is used to promote successful products and companies both at home and abroad. The presence of the label distinguishes it immediately from the vast array of products available in the marketplace and reassures consumers in their purchasing decision.

ITQI returned in April for a new tasting but this time for food products. Yet again, a large international jury was tasked with evaluating all the different products.

In early May the participants were sent direct notification of the results. The Superior Taste Awards, honouring the winners for their outstanding achievement, will take place on 11 July. Awards are presented to the winners during the official ceremony in the presence of the press, participants and officials. We are waiting with bated breath to discover the names of the winners!

29May 2018

Over a period of two full days, The EGG Brussels was where you could find some major players on the European scene. Jean-Claude Junker, Didier Reynders and Lilyana Pavlova were just some of the personalities who showed up to the event.

This fifth edition of the event included two plenary sessions and no fewer than 48 break-out sessions. It was an excellent opportunity for The EGG to demonstrate its modularity and multi-functionality. Nevertheless, efficient collaboration between all the parties was necessary in order to ensure smooth management of the event.

The theme this year was ‘Europe – Back on track’. A topic that led to some heated discussions. Participants were able to catch their breath during the breaks and the constantly outstanding meals and snacks.

Thanks to Belgium MFA, that had a stand at the event, and their Virtual Reality glasses, the participants were able to visit Brussels and without having to abandon the comfort of their seats. Talk of multi-tasking!

The creativity and the ingenuity of The EGG, both of which are so essential for intriguing events like this, complemented each other perfectly so that the participants were able to enjoy an event that was flawless in every sense of the word!

22Feb 2018

Express your creativity when organising your events at The EGG Brussels. Each project is carried out with a personalised approach that will undoubtedly transform your projects into an original and successful experience!

Since its return in January 2014, The EGG Brussels has proved its worth and has established itself as a pillar conference centre in Brussels. The bricks form the industrial side of the event centre and create a beautiful contrast with the modern look. This contrast will make your events stand out like nowhere else. The EGG Brussels is a customisable space. Don’t be afraid to give free rein to your imagination with decorations that catch the eye! Your event will be taken care of according to your desires and ideas and the participants will all be able to enjoy it for one night.

22Feb 2018

Why is it safe for cyclists not to stop at every red traffic light? How safe is our road infrastructure? Can cities remain attractive for pedestrians in a world where fully automated vehicles have transformed the urban transport system? All of these questions and many more were answered and discussed at The Polis Conference at The EGG Brussels!

The conference provided an opportunity for cities and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience and for the wider transport community to engage with representatives of city and regional authorities on innovative transport solutions.

The spacious Auditorium was the central place for all of the presentations during this three-day event. Our cosy and nicely lit Aquarium room was also perfect for the joint workshops. As for the much-needed refreshments in-between the heated and interesting discussions and presentations… the nicely decorated Riverside with its well-known cosiness provided everything that was necessary with the help of our catering partner B-Food!


Pics by Vivian Hertz

22Feb 2018

What is the impact of technology on finance and banking? The big FinTech Summit took place in the heart of Brussels on 14th December 2017 and for one day, The EGG Brussels was the home of some 40 expert speakers and 840 minutes of premium content, divided over two of our stages, where the latest trends in FinTech were discussed. Four awards were even given out!

The attendees enjoyed the comfort of the seats at our venue to learn about five main topics, ranging from PSD2 directives and blockchain technology not to mention cyber security and change management. It was a unique opportunity to meet and network with all kinds of FinTech enthusiasts. During the event, the attending guests were able to enjoy delicious snacks from our catering partner Great Traiteur. The day was a success and finished off with a nice networking VIP walking dinner.

22Feb 2018

The 2018 MedTech Forum took place at The EGG Brussels this year and needless to say… it was a roaring success! The highly interesting subject of the conference mixed with the innovation of the venue made for an energetic and modern combination.


The MedTech Forum is one of the largest health and medical technology industry conferences in Europe and a key event since 2007. No less than 729 delegates, 100 speakers including entrepreneurs, global business leaders, policy-makers, patient representatives,… from all over the world travelled to Belgium to attend the conference, share insights and to discuss the future opportunities in the medical technology sector. With its 5000m², The EGG Brussels offered the space that the event needed. 41 plenary, parallel and workshop sessions were organised over three days!


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